Welcome – A letter to you all….

I’m finally beginning this blog, nearly 1 year after signing up to the blog site. I’m here now and raring to get writing. It may take me a few weeks to write all the posts I want to catch up on my journey but to begin, here is my letter to you….

To those that are newly diagnosed or those that have struggled for many years, or family and friends of those affected by Lupus or Auto-immune disease – I hope this gives you insight to my journey and maybe some information that helps. To my daughter- one day I hope you read this and understand a bit why Mummy was too tired to play sometimes or often had to go to bed when I wished I had the energy to be with you. To myself – use this as a diary and a way to get all your messy thoughts out of your silly head!

In recent months I’ve been aware of other Lupus sufferers that are either beginning their journey or those that unfortunately lost their battle and these stories make me realise how lucky I am to be alive and in a relatively stable state. Through Lupus UK I came across the blog of lozzielivandlupus and my heart went out to her and her family. She is in the first years of her Lupus diagnosis and it struck a chord with me. I have lived with Lupus for just over 10 years and thought why am I not connecting with others that I could potentially support or even just listen to, and show them life can get better and understand their new ‘normal’.

This week I went to see an event with Jessie Pavelka, who is a fitness and wellbeing expert, who usually supports those with weight issues. I went partly in support of one of my very good friends, and the other for myself to hear his thoughts on wellbeing. One thing that struck me was he said when he started training people in gyms he liked the connection 1 on 1 and to connect and help those people. I realised that is what I have wanted to do for a long time but was partly afraid to take that step and put myself out there on the world wide web!

I hope to let you know about my past health and experiences and write about the future and learn together.

Beth xx


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